State by State Senior Citizen Services to Research for Your Aging Parents

Senior citizen services can be investigated state by state as part of the conversations with your aging parents. You'll discuss the ideal life they would like to lead, the financial position that they are in, and plan a variety of scenarios for their future. Scroll to the bottom of the page to find your parents' state.

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State and federal programs range from

  • Caregiver resources

  • Care Coordination Services

  • Consumer Services

  • Educational Programs

  • Elder Rights
  • Financial Assistance

  • Financial Services

  • Food Programs

  • Health Care

  • Home Care

  • Housing Options

  • General Information and Assistance

  • Health Insurance Programs

  • Elder Legal Services

  • Transportation Services

  • Leisure and Elder Recreation Programs

  • Start Senior Program Conversations Now

    1. Use these programs in a variety of ways to spark conversation. You can look at options to stimulate your parents' imagination about the type of life that they would like to imagine. Maybe they haven't thought about the types of recreation opportunities that are available. Volunteering in later life may not have seemed possible. Maybe they narrowed the range of housing options because they feared that they couldn't afford it.

    2. If your parents live in another state, you can research the programs available in their state. If they will be moving to your state, you can begin to see the eligibility requirements to qualify in a move.

    3. Knowing the programs that are available to your parents will also help you and your siblings with your own retirement financial planning.

    Click on the states you are interested in below:

    Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas California Colorado

    Connecticut Delaware Florida Georgia Hawaii


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