Search Available Georgia Senior Services for Your
Aging Parents

Georgia senior services will make an excellent topic of conversation with your aging parents. No -- they may not be ready to use any of them now. But you'll have time to understand the range of services that are provided, the eligibility requirements and qualifications.

With this information, you and your parents will be better equipped to talk about and plan for their future. You'll know the kinds of resources that your family will need to provide, as well as how your parents' lives and independence can be supported and expanded.

The Georgia Department of Human Resources: Division of Aging Services

The Division of Aging Services provides a system of services for senior citizens, their families and caregivers. They strive to help seniors remain independent maintain a good quality of life, health and safety. The Division of Aging collaborates with other groups to meet answer the needs and challenges of Georgia's elders.

Adult Protective Services

handles reports of abuse, neglect, and/or exploitation of disabled or elderly people (65+) who live in the Georgia. The also respond to reported cases of self-neglect.

The Long Term Care Ombudsman

Visits long-term care facilities regularly to listen to elders who live there and and evaluate the quality of care and safety conditions. Also handles complaints about specific facilities and provides education about the needs of senior citizens in long term care residences.

Area Agencies on Aging - Interactive Map

Use this map to visually identify the Area Agency on Aging Region for your county.

County List for Area Agencies on Aging

List of Counties to Identify Your Parent's Area Agency on Aging Region.

Area Agencies on Aging - 12 Regions - PDF

Downloadable brochure (PDF file) that lists the 12 Georgia Area Agency on Aging regions, contact information and volunteer opportunities.

The Community Care Services Program

The Georgia Senior Services are offered through the local Area Agencies on Aging. These represent the range of services offered, but are not available in every area.

 - Home-Delivered Meals

 - Adult Day Program -- daytime care and meals in a supervised group community setting

 - Nutrition and Wellness Education

 - Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

 - Physical Fitness Classes

 - Senior Recreation

 - In-Home Services

Skilled Home Health If your senior loved one qualifies for assistance with recovery or activites for daily living, they can turn to this program for skilled nursing, physical therapy, speech therapy or occupational therapy. Also, a home health aide, or medical social services can be provided.

Personal Care Assistance This program offers assistance to family care givers. In addition to respite care. The services range from help with errands, housekeeping, and personal care -- feeding, dressing, bathing, toileting, and transferring . Personal Care Assistance that offers stand-by prompting or hands-on help with bathing, dressing, and similar activities of daily living.

Emergency Response Services -- provides a means for Seniors to stay safe and independent. They can receive a button for emergencies purposes which allows them to make 24 hour contact for help wherever they may be.

 - Respite Care -- Provides family caregiver with respite by providing out of home consumer overnight care in an approved facility with 24-hour supervision.

 - Friendly Visiting or Telephone Reassurance - home visits or calls to reduce isolation and check on safety conditions.

 - Home Sharing

 - Community Living Homes -- State licensed personal care homes;   services include 24-hour supervision, medical staffing and nursijng supervision.

 - Education and Support Groups

 - Counseling and mental health services

 - Special Services - Legal Assistance, Case Management

Other Georgia Senior Services

 - Material Aid - Limited payments to or on behalf of an elder for housing/shelter, transportation, utilities, food, etc.

 - Transportation Services

  - Senior Community Service Employment Program --

(Adults who are 55 or older and who meet income eligibility requirements can receive training, on-the-job experience in community settings, and assistance with securing private employment through Georgia senior services.

  - Livable Communities Initiatives -- special campaigns help communities build their capacity to meet the needs of a growing aging population. Initiatives relate to housing, community mobility, environmental health, civic engagement, and other emerging issues.

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