Radio Special Offer

Radio Special Offer! I hope that's not the only reason you stopped by! Actually, I'm glad you listened to my interview on your favorite radio station and responded to our special offer. I'm always happy to share information that will be helpful to you in your conversations with your aging parents.

To get your free report, just fill in the form below. If you did not actually hear the interview, we'd love it if you'd provide the call letters and name of a radio show host in your area that you and your friends listen to frequently. (Definitely not required, just greatly appreciated!) Your report, "What to Talk About First With Aging Parents" will be emailed to you right away.

Thanks again! Talk to you soon.

Listen me being interviewed by Dale Carter on BlogTalkRadio. You can listen to the feed below. Just click on the "white triangle" to play.

P.S. We are always interested in feedback about the interview or additional questions that you would like to have answered. After you scroll down and sign up for your report, just let us know what's on your mind. Come back any time and share your thoughts!

Radio Special Offer

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