Search Available Alaska Senior Services for Elderly Help

Alaska senior services cover a wide variety of options and services for senior citizens in the state. A combination of state and federal programs will make elderly help easier for your parents safety and comfort.

Elderly help ranges from health and housing programs, assistive devices for frailty and disability, senior centers and transportation programs that are provided. Click on the links below to gain an understanding of the range of services available. Use them to research the possibilities for the future as you are in conversation with your aging parents. You can find other Alaska senior services and also, local professionals that can help you create the best future for your parents.

Alaska - Aging and Independence Services for Seniors

- sponsored by the Statewide Independent Living Council of Alaska.

* RSVP Program (Retired Senior Volunteer Programs)

* Senior Advocacy Groups

* Senior Centers

* Senior Companion Program

* Senior Ride Programs

* Telephone Reassurance

A Service Directory will allow you to research Alaska elderly programs available in your parents' local area. When you click on this page you can choose from the following categories of services:

Accessibility & Assistive Devices; Advocacy; Benefits Assistance; Child & Family Services; Consumer Protection; Crisis & Emergency Services; Day Programs & Supports; Education; Employment & Training; Financial Assistance; Food and Clothing; General Health Care; Housing & Homelessness; In Home Services; Information and Referral; Intervention and Prevention; Legal Services; Mental Health Care & Counseling; Residential Services; Senior Services; Substance Abuse Services; Support Groups and Transportation

Alaska - Assistive Devices - Links to a wide variety of assistive devices and other Alaska senior services available for older adults and people with disabilities.

  • Aids for Daily Living - Products to aid in activities of daily living.

  • Blind and Low Vision - Products for people with visual disabilities.

  • Communication - Products to help people with disabilities related to speech, writing and other methods of communication.

  • Computers - Products to allow people with disabilities to use desktop and laptop computers and other kinds of information technology.

  • ControlsProducts that provide people with disabilities with the ability to start, stop or adjust electric or electronic devices.

  • Deaf And Hard of Hearing - Products for people with hearing disabilities.

  • Deaf Blind - Products for people who are both deaf and blind.

  • Education - Products to provide people with disabilities with access to educational materials and instruction in school and in other learning environments.

  • Environmental Adaptations - Products that make the built environment more accessible.(indoor and outdoor furniture, etc.)

  • Housekeeping - Products to that assist in cooking, cleaning, and other household activities as well as adapted appliances.

  • Orthotics - Braces and other products to support or supplement joints or limbs.

  • Prosthetics - Products for amputees.

  • Recreation - Products to assist people with disabilities with their leisure and athletic activities.

  • Safety and Security - Products to protect health and home.

  • Seating - Products that assist people to sit comfortably and safely.

  • Therapeutic Aids - Products that assist in treatment for health problems and therapy and training for certain disabilities.

  • Transportation - Products to enable people with disabilities to drive or ride in cars, vans, trucks and buses.

  • Walking - Products to aid people with disabilities who are able to walk or stand with assistance.

  • Wheeled Mobility - Products and accessories that enable people with mobility disabilities to move freely indoors and outdoors.

    Alaska - Senior and Disability Services - Alaska State Health Insurance Assistance Programs (SHIP). Information on Medicare and Medicare related programs and resources. Also get information on these Alaska senior services:

    * Adult Protective Services
    * Care Coordination
    * Training and Resource Materials
    * Developmental Disabilities
    * Personal Care Assistant Program
    * Quality Assurance Program
    * Reports & Publications
    * Rural Long-Term Care Development
    * Grant Services
    * Nursing Facility
    * Transition Program
    * Senior Information Office
    * Skilled Nursing Facilities
    * Waiver Programs
    * Policy and Program Planning

    Alaska End of Life Resources

  • To State by State Senior Citizen Services

    Alaska Senior Services to Aging Parents Home Page

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