What are the Best Gifts for Seniors? Ideas for Every Occasion and Ability

Gifts for Seniors are some of the hardest decisions to make.

  • What would make her smile? 
  • What would he enjoy?
  • What would your Dad love to experiment with?
  • What could you challenge your Mom to try?

This video is a reminder that enjoyment and play and learning (as well as brain development!) don't have to stop at any age...

When choosing for seniors in your life -- think about what they love, or things they used to love. Things they do, or things they used to do. Memories can be powerful affirmations of a life well lived.

Movies, games, radio and tv shows, toys, hobbies of years gone by can all make wonderful presents. Then there are practical choices that will make life easier. Or how about venturing into new technology or games and puzzles to challenge and maintain brain fitness?

Use your imagination to find great ideas for your aging parents for every occasion and ability.

Independent Living Aids

You may also want to think of practical devices that will make their life easier to manage while alone.

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