Talk to Your Parents About These Recommended Books

I have recommended books for you to augment the information I have provided on this website. I've read many books as part of my research, but these books offer information that should be particularly helpful. On each page will be all the basic information about the book, including the reason for my recommendation. It's not supposed to be a traditional review... just a chance to offer additional help to you and your family.

Most of the books I've picked to give you additional background in dealing with the issues with your aging parents. Some I've recommended that you purchase and tried to give specific help if it's rare or hard to find. Some have only a couple of chapters that are unique and I've recommended a visit to the library.

Hear the authors

From time to time I have the privilege of meeting the authors. Some will be featured in audio interviews as I continue to develop these resources.

Books on Talking about Elderly Needs

Books on Financial Planning

Book on Moving the Elderly and "Their Stuff"

Books for the Sandwich Generation

Books on Self-Care

Books on Senior Health Care

Books on Senior Housing

Books on Nursing Homes

Books on Special Needs Siblings

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