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Seniors housing choices will make up a large part of your conversations with your aging parents. You will want to look to the future and plan with them for their well-being and safety.

The decisions they have to make are much more complex than a “yes or no” for a nursing home, or a “yes or no” to selling the family house and senior citizen apartments. Today there are many choices and varieties of housing options available to seniors.

senior housing decisions more complex than yes or no

The simple question of “Where do they want to live” will do them (and you) a disservice.

Seniors Housing Questions

For their quality of life to be preserved and enhanced, the conversation questions extend well beyond health and safety. Here are some of the types of questions you will want to explore with your parents:

  • How do they want to live?

  • What’s most important?

  • What do they enjoy?

  • What do they hope for?

  • What gives them the greatest pleasure?

  • What do they do to have fun?

  • What do they want more of in their life?

  • What do they want less of in their life?

  • What fills their life with meaning?

  • What gives them peace?

  • What gives them joy?

    The answers to these questions should be written down. You will want to revisit them as one of the ways of evaluating your senior's housing decisions as time goes on. Whether your parents stay in their home, have care-givers come to them, move in with one of the children, explore other living alternatives -- you will want not only to measure the safety and security of the residence, but make sure the choice incorporates the things that will actually make their lives worth living.

    The content of their answers may well change over time, as your parents age and as their interests or abilities change. But the deeper questions will always need to be asked. "Where they live" must be accompanied by an equal concern for "how they live".

    Now you can consider the options for seniors housing

    A really good website for exploring some of the options available when it comes to senior housing is Americas Best Places To Retire. Here you'll find some of the pros and cons to retiring in the different areas of the country as well as helping you to find where other seniors with similar interests are deciding to spend their "golden years".

    Seniors Living Alone - A Checklist for Your Occasional Visits Your parents are now seniors living alone. You live across the country and don't get back that often to see them. You noticed signs of their aging last time you got together, and now want to really evaluate how they are doing. Here's how you can make use of visits for holidays, birthdays or other occasions to better evaluate if they need additional support or help.

    Will They Need Housing Help? Use an Activities of Daily Living Index

    There are tools and standards that can help you and your parents get an accurate assessment of what help may be necessary to maintain their quality of life.

    Geriatric Assessment (Instrumental Activities of Daily Living)

    A Geriatric Assessment is an important first step in being able to determine what your aging parents NEED in living arrangements. One tool for looking objectively at the skills for day-to-day tasks is an Instrumental Activities of Daily Living Scale. This will help you get an objective view of skills for daily chores needed to function safely and independently.

    Book About Nursing Homes

    Instead of raising the usual fears and concerns, this book will help to your family to look more realistically at the commitment to "at home" care for the long term. You will also learn some new things about options for nursing homes. You can gain a new perspective on the quality of life that is possible in a senior care "institution".

    Books on Moving Elderly Parents and "Their Stuff"

    Every day, thousands of Boomers are left with the house after their parents die. Thousands more move loved ones into nursing homes. More are just "down-sizing". However and whenever it happens, the task of dealing with your parents' house and all their stuff can be overwhelming. This book can walk you through the process in a way that will keep you sane.

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