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Geriatric health care can be significantly improved with a better patient doctor relationship. To that end, Dr. Roizen and Dr. Oz have made a great contribution in You, The Smart Patient

While not intended exclusively for elderly health care issues, you and your aging parents parents will benefit greatly from the tips and information in this book.

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You, the Smart Patient: An Insider's Handbook for Getting the Best Treatment
Michael F. Roizen, Mehmet C. Oz,
Gary Hallgren (Illustrator)
Publisher: Simon & Schuster Adult
Publishing Group
Pub Date: Feb 10, 2006
ISBN-13: 9780743293013

An opening quiz will let you know what you don't know. Then, chapter by chapter (10 of them), another aspect of the health care system is introduced that lets you get behind the scenes and understand what's really at stake.

You'll find help in choosing doctors and hospitals. How to become an effective advocate for your health or your parents' health, even if the "experts" don't seem to listen at first. You'll find information on managing health care costs and navigating the health insurance industry.

There's even an introduction to the alternative medicine arena.

I'm not such a fan of the cartoons. (sorry Gary...) But I guess the rationale was that they would interest guys. (Who knows... maybe your dad will like them?)

Overall, the work of these two doctors is smart but very easy to read. It lets you break down the mystery of the health care system and translate their concepts for your own use. You'll become much more effective in securing the best geriatric health care for your folks.

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