About Nursing Homes

You can learning something really new about nursing homes. This book was a team effort by life coach, Lynn Dickerson, M.A. and social gerontologist and nursing home owner, Xenia Vosen, Ph.D. with writer, Severine Biedermann.

Living Well in a Nursing Home: Everything You and Your Folks Need to Know is a 256 page resource that will broaden your perspective on the long-term-care decision for your aging parents.

Instead of the usual fears and concerns, this book will help to your family to look more realistically at the commitment to "at home" care for aging parents long term. You will learn some new things about options for nursing homes. You'll also gain a new perspective on the quality of life that is possible in a senior care "institution".

This book uses the term "nursing home" in the broadest sense of the word. It discusses the range of options for long term care and can help with questions for making the right decisions with your aging parents and your family.

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