Begin Water Aerobics Exercises with Your Aging Parents - the Benefits are Cumulative

Water aerobics exercises will be demonstrated by Fitness Instructor Karen Westfall. This water workout can be used to strengthen the Core and the Joints. Watch this video and decide if this form of exercise might be a good addition to a program for your parents -- or even for yourself!

Water Exercises for Arthritis

Water and exercise are a perfect match for seniors regaining strength and flexibility after suffering from arthritis or other degenerative diseases. According to the Arthritis Foundation, with 12 times the resistance of exercise on land, working out in water is the perfect medium to protect joints while building muscle strength. The deeper the water, the more resistance and the harder the workout.

This Video Includes the following exercises:

Breathing Techniques - to strengthen The Core. Access the transverse abdominus with these techniques.

Tread Water Arms - Beginner movement.

Egg Beater - movement for the legs and feet used in water polo.

Beginning Routine - using several moves in combination to bring a higher level workout.

The Russian - move that provides external rotation of the hip and flexibility of the spine.

Hamstring Activation Routine - including walking and flex foot movements.

Power Jack - more advanced move than Water Jumping Jack.

Water Fitness Programs

Many health clubs provide warm water Aquatic Classes -- the warmth adding additional soothing and healing properties to the joints. The Arthritis Foundation has developed a program that you can find through many of their local offices.


Best Water Exercises - Water Aerobic Routines 1 - warm-up, jumping jacks, foot, knee

Water Aerobic Exercise - Water Routines 2 - walking, running

Water Aerobics Routines 3 - combination routines

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