Water Aerobic Exercise Can Mean New Health and Fitness for Aging Parents

Water aerobic exercise can bring back many workout activities that your aging parents may have had to give up. The benefits of walking, running, cross country skiing, or weight-lifting workouts can be accomplished without the strain to joints when done on land.

Karen Westfall is a trainer that will demonstrate these movements appropriate for anyone, including senior citizens.

A good physical workout can enhance the quality of life at any age. We loose muscle mass as we age. Flexibility and balance can also be compromised. Done on a regular basis, the routines shown in the following video will work to maintain and enhance the abilities needed for independence and safety in daily life.

Exercises in Water

A variety of movements are featured in these video clips:

Ankle rotations - Maintaining the flexibility of the talus bone to enhance walking.

Water Walking Techniques - Used to stretch and flex opposing muscles.

Water Marching - for more involvement of the knees.

Running in Water - higher cardiac activity. Stay with walking or marching if your back has had previous trauma.

Deep Water Running - can simulate the effects of deep water in even 4 or 5 ft of water.

The movements in this video can be used alone, or in combination with the other Water Workout Videos. They can be used as a warm-up if your parent is a regular swimmer.


Best Water Exercises - Water Routines 1 - warm-up, jumping jacks, foot, knee

Water Routines 2 - walking, heel marching, running

Water Aerobic Exercises - Water Aerobic Routines 3 - combination routines

Senior Citizens Swimming

Senior Exercise

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