Get Your Aging Parents to Try the Best Water Exercises for Seniors

The best water exercises provide many benefits for senior citizens. When demonstrated by qualified instructors, they can be used as water therapy exercises to speed recuperation from surgeries, and to gain strength, stamina and balance for daily activities.

What are good water exercises?

These short clips demonstrate exercises that promote strength, stamina, and balance.

Benefits of Water Senior Exercises

The best water exercises provide all the benefits of regular exercises for promoting health, strength, balance and brain fitness. In addition, the water supports the body and reduces the risk of muscle or joint injury. The the force of gravity is counteracted by floating in water, and less stress is placed on the joints when stretching. This will permit you to achieve a and a greater range of motion and progress faster. The ability to float also makes water aerobics safe for anybody able to keep their head out of water, including senior citizens. Exercise in water can also prevent overheating, because the water continualy cools the body.

As with any new exercise routine, your parents should first check with their own doctor to make sure it will be safe. Then, start slowly -- no more than 5 -15 minutes at first. Being in water will disguise how hard they are actually working so starting slow is a must. If they sign up for a water aerobics class in a health club, most classes will last for 45-55 minutes. Make sure they ask before they sign up, some have water exercise classes especially designed for seniors.


Water Aerobic Routines 1 - warm-up, jumping jacks, foot, knee

Water Aerobic Exercise - Routines 2 walking, running

Water Aerobic Exercises - Routines 3 -  Combination Routines

Senior Citizens Swimming

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