Improve Senior Fitness with
Chair Stand Strengthening:
Your aging parents must exercise
to prevent falls.

Talk about senior fitness with your aging parents. For Senior citizen's fitness, regular exercise is essential. Falling is not only dangerous, but life threatening.

The U.S. News and World Report made public a study in the medical journal, BMJ, that older senior citizens need to exercise to prevent falls.

"For older adults, falling down is a Big Deal. It's the biggest risk factor for a fracture, and those—particularly when they're in the hip—can be exceedingly dangerous. The one-year mortality rate after a hip fracture is as high as 25 percent. So, argue researchers in a recent analysis published in the medical journal BMJ, preventing deadly breaks should include preventing falls, not just treating osteoporosis with drugs...

But once you've tackled the tripping hazards and railing-less staircases, there's no getting around it—exercise is called for, a program of regular strength and balance training as well a cardiovascular routine to build endurance."

One way to prevent falls is build the leg muscles. Here is a great exercise that you can share.

Chair Stand Strengthening

If your parents don't have access to a computer, you can learn this exercise and demonstrate for them. If they are regularly with a caregiver, negotiate to work with him or her to learn the exercise and work with your parent to build strength.


Chair Stand Strengthening

Hip Extension

Hip Flexors


Calf Raises and Muscle Strengthening

Senior Exercise Routines

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