Senior citizen fitness is vital for aging parents. Use these senior workouts and senior exercises

Senior citizen fitness is key for aging parents. Walking provides one of the best senior workouts to be found. Research has shown that for better senior health and fitness -- walk more!

First, you may have to help your aging parents get over the idea that age and "the rocking chair" go together. A sedentary life only decreases decline in physical and mental function. To combat this idea, a UCLA study first helped seniors learn to think differently.

"The participants were taught to reject the notion that becoming older means becoming sedentary and to accept that they can continue engaging in physical activity well into old age. Each retraining session [1 weekly for 4 weeks] was followed by a one-hour exercise class that included strength, endurance and flexibility training."

Senior Exercise: Hamstring Stretch

[Click on the "triangle" to begin the video]

Use this exercise three times per week along with other Lower Body Exercises.

Impact on Aging Fitness

Seniors walked more in their daily life -- increasing their normal walking routines by 24%. They experienced better mental health and their expectations that they would continue to be active rose over time.

Try this exercise to help build muscle flexibility and strength. This exercise was designed for seniors by an exercise physiologist. Have your parents consult their doctors before beginning a new exercise program.


Chair Stand Strengthening

Hip Extension

Hip Flexors

Hamstring Stretch

Calf Raises

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