Elderly Exercise: Develop Fitness for Seniors with this Seated Chest Press

Fitness for seniors is vital for aging parents to maintain health and vitality. A Canadian study considers elderly exercise a kind of "prehabilitation". In other words, they belief these exercises are as essential as rehabilitation after an injury or fall.

Talk to your parents about how to maintain functional independence with regular exercise. They should combine cardio routines such as walking or swimming with strength training for all muscle groups.

Start any aging fitness program gradually.

Start this Seated Chest Press without weights until your parents can do a number of repititions easily. Then move on to 1-3 pound weights. Use this exercise as part of an Upper Body Routine 3 days per week.

Seated Chest Press


Bicep Curl

Tricep Extensions

Seated Chest Press

Shoulder Joint Flexibility

Lateral Shoulder Strengthening

Senior Exercise Routines: Warm-up, Balance, Upper and Lower

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