Develop Aging Fitness with this Elderly Exercise for Seniors: Lateral Shoulder Joint Strengthening

Elderly exercise is a habit you can help your aging parents develop. "Habit is the single best predictor of inactivity across all age groups." Older persons often must overcome a lifetime of ingrained behavior. Some older persons may be comfortable in a role of dependence and feel threatened by the charge of increased activity. Building on previous activities can help overcome the dominant influence of habit on activity levels.

Use this exercise as part of an Upper Body Routine. Make sure your parents consult their own doctor before beginning a new exercise program.

Lateral Shoulder Strengthening

"Exercise beliefs of family and close friends, however, are important influences." according to the journal of American Family Physicians.
So, you'll need to educate yourself about how important exercise is to the health, functioning and independence of your parents. Talk to them about what you've discovered.

"Self-efficacy" is the term they use to describe the level of confidence that your parent has to complete what they desire to do. This self -confidence makes all the difference in theri ability to climb stairs, maintain their balance and prevent falls, and whether or not they will succumb to general decline in functional independence.

Their self-confidence will also predict whether or not Mom or Dad will begin and stick with an exercise program.

If your parents seem especially hesitant and reluctant, help them start with very simple exercises that are easy to accomplish. Be sure to incorporate those with increasing levels of activity that they enjoy.

"For most [seniors], any additional activity beyond their current level will be beneficial."

Suggest that they walk another flight of stairs during the day, park farther from the store in the parking lot, or go up a hill. They should add weights or arm movements instead of increasing speed.


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Tricep Extensions

Seated Chest Press

Shoulder Joint Mobility

Lateral Shoulder Strengthening (current page)

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