Develop Aging Fitness with this Exercise for Seniors: Shoulder Joint Mobility

Exercise for seniors is essential to maintain health and vitality in older adults. Without regular workouts, aging muscles and joints can begin to tighten and gradually lose strength and range of motion. This can begin to impact things that you take for granted like turning your head, or moving your shoulders. Eventually, muscles can seize up and joints can freeze. This can be very dangerous if your parents are still driving and unable turn their heads easily to see the traffic all around them.

Down load this brochure from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety,
Fit People Make Better Drivers. Give it to your parents and begin a conversation about the very practical benefits of exercise for fitness.

Some of the neck exercises in the brochure are also demonstrated in this video. The video includes other exercises to maintain flexibility and shoulder mobility.

You may want to watch and learn these exercises to teach to your parents. These are done by an exercise physiologist, but he has an "interesting" sense of humor -- so be prepared!

Neck and Shoulder Joint Mobility

Use this as part of an Upper Body Routine 2-3 times a week. Before beginning any new exercise program, have your parents consult with their doctor to OK this or any exercise.


Bicep Curls

Tricep Extensions

Seated Chest Press

Shoulder Joint Mobility

Lateral Shoulder Strengthening

Senior Exercise Routines: Warm-up, Balance, Upper and Lower

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