Exercises for Seniors:
Balance Exercises are a Key to
Senior Fitness

Falls are dangerous -- but often can be prevented. So talk to your aging parents about exercises for seniors. Improving their balance will work to prevent falls, and maintain the center of gravity while lifting and performing other daily tasks. Maintaining balance is a complex mental process, but these simple exercises will strengthen the body and the brain.

Balance Exercises for Seniors

This video has exercises for balance. The trainer has a strange sense of humor, but the exercises are great! Watch the video and try them out yourself before sharing with your elderly parents. The last two exercises may be a bit too advanced to start out with.

[Click on the "Triangle" to start the Video below.]

Focus on a Wall for Balance

"As for balance, you can begin with something as simple as standing on both feet and focusing on a point on the wall, trying not to move your body to keep steady, says Joseph Scott, an athletic trainer who is outpatient team leader for orthopedics at Southcoast Hospital Group and Rehabilitation Services in North Dartmouth, Mass.

"That can progress to doing the same thing for 30 seconds with closed eyes, then balancing on one foot for 30 seconds, first with eyes open, then with them closed. "You're getting the body to be aware of itself in space," he says. Both he and Shumway-Cook add that cardiovascular exercise helps people stay and feel stronger; Shumway-Cook recommends the standard prescription for health: working up to 30 minutes of brisk walking most days a week."

The recommendation is to do these as part of a lower body routine. Try this balance exercise for senior citizens three times a week to reduce the risk of falling.


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