Seated Chair Leg Stretch: A Senior Fitness Exercise to Increase Your Parent's Aging Fitness

A senior fitness exercise should be incorporated into your aging parents daily routine. Muscle mass, endurance and flexibility all diminish with age if not aggressively changed for the better. The exercises below can be used as warm-ups to other exercises in an aging fitness routine. If your Mom or Dad's legs are already weaker, then use thess exercises alone until they are strong and felxible enough to progress to others.

Encourage your Mom or Dad to work with their doctor to plan the sequence and progression of their exercise routines.

Seated Chair Leg Stretch

The National Institute of Health (NIH) has put together of page of other basic fitness exercises for senior citizens.


Seated Chair Leg Stretch

Seated Knee Extension

Senior Exercise Routines: Warm-up, Balance, Upper and Lower

Senior Fitness Exercise to Talk Early Talk Often With Aging Parents Home Page

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