Your Stories of Senior Driving and Helping
Aging Parents Give Up the Keys but Maintain their "Adulthood"

I've described The Senior Driving Conversations as being a 5 Stage Process:

Stage 1 - Rethinking The Driving Conversations

Don't wait for a major accident. Ideally you begin this conversation before any issues have presented themselves. Establish your concern for the future and align yourself with being on the same team as your aging parent.

Stage 2 - The First Signs of Change

What to look for as early signs of change in driving habits. Self-assessment tools offered. Providing support to preserve maximum freedom.

Stage 3 - The Warning Signs

Learn the signals that there are more serious concerns. What professional medical assessments could be suggested. Referrals to Driving Rehabilitation Specialists and adaptive devices for the car are discussed.

Stage 4 - When It's Time to Retire From Driving

Critical questions to know when it's time to hang up the keys. Methods to ease the transition are discussed. Alternative approaches if driving cessation will not be voluntary.

Stage 5. Preserving Independence after Driving

Planning ahead to maintain freedom. Creative transportation alternatives to driving.

Here's where you can share your success stories, hints, tips, and help others talk about senior driving in the process.

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