The Secret of Good Listening Skills
Is It Possible to
Talk to Your Aging Parents About the Future, 
Without Hitting a Wall of Resistance or Retreat?

You've always believed you have good listening skills. You're clear there are topics you should discuss with your aging parents, or things that others in the family need to know. But every time you think about starting to talk to them, you get that queasy feeling in the stomach, somewhat like preparing for the big drop of a roller coaster.

You're getting somewhat anxious. You already know that you're not in control. But you're, also, sure that those unexpected twists and turns of aging could lead to really unfortunate consequences for your parents and the whole family.

You've Got a List...

So, you want to get down to the "important" stuff -- where they'll live if they need help, what will happen if their driving becomes unsafe, whether they really have enough money to last them… 

But every time you've tried to press forward, your parents close the door firmly (maybe even, literally!), or they abruptly switch to a new topic. As the days and months tick by, you're more concerned about the timing of the conversations - you don't want to wait too long…

It is true, that talking about the stuff of aging will never be pleasant. But it IS POSSIBLE to have a method, and learn good listening skills, to dial down everyone's anxiety and increase a sense of confidence, candor, and trust.

What if there was help?

Set the Right TEMPO: 5 Steps to Ease Talks with Aging Parents does just that.

In my work with families over the past 30 years, in both congregations and hospices, I often got the frantic calls after families had had a crisis with aging parents, but failed to have the prior conversations that could guide them to decide on the best next steps. 

This guide was born with the hope that it will help families learn good listening skills and move forward to navigate the uncomfortable conversations today, so they may have more assurance and peace of mind in the future.

This immediately downloadable, 30 page workbook provides a straightforward method to:

  • Figure out what you really want to say
  • Connect with your parents so they don't shut down so quickly, if at all
  • Continue the conversation in a productive way, so you can find solutions that work for them and for you

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