Step 5 - Invent New Solutions for Elderly Issues and
Dealing With Parents

No family will completely escape the numerous elderly issues that are possible. So much to learn. So much to understand.

What You've Done So Far

Now that you've begun the conversations with your aging parents, you've worked hard to build a partnership. As they shared a variety of concerns, you were careful not to jump to conclusions, and took on the role of detective to get at the root causes. Bravo! You're being intentional in your approach to dealing with elderly parents.

Once you were clear about the true nature of the problem, you went on to research all the options. If you've done your homework, thoroughly, you have lots and lots of possible solutions.

It's tempting to reach into a hat and pull out the "winner". You've been at this for a while and you'd like to get onto the next step. Now is not the time to end the conversation. Your parent's very best option is one that may not have been thought of yet. So it's time to...

Invent a New Solution

Time to take what you've learned about the elderly issues affecting your parent, their values and beliefs, and the options that you've researched, and invent the best solution for your parent.

Give yourself permission to CUSTOMIZE a new answer to the problem. Every situation is unique, and your parent's health, mobility, values, beliefs, family structure, community support, and religious community can all play a part.

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One Size Does Not Fit All

Now put what you've learned about your parent's life and values to good use. Ask these questions as you create the best solution:

  • What will give your Dad the best quality of life? 
  • How can he have the most of what he enjoys? 
  • What will bring the most fulfillment and peace?
  • What will allow him to have meaning and purpose? 
  • What would preserve his sense of self-determination and day to day control the most?
  • What other family or friends can be a part of the solution for these elderly issues? 
  • What community resources can be a part of the solution? 
  • What are you willing to offer to the solution?

What you come up with may not match what others have done for their parents. It may not make onlookers happy. But it doesn't have to. This is your Dad's life and you want to make sure that it "works" for him.

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Step 4 - Research Senior Options
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