Brain Plasticity or Neuroplasticity is a Key to Preserving Memory and Aging: Learn These Secrets to Opening the Lock.

Brain plasticity is good news for aging and the brain. Your parent's brain fitness can improve by continued learning. Watch these experts share some clues.

The authors of the Chicken Soup for the Soul have produced a great motivational video for your aging parents. Here is a clip you can encourage them to watch. It contains some footage from the late Art Linkletter (July 17, 1912 – May 26, 2010), who talks about what kept up his brain fitness and vitality for almost 98 years.

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The science behind this inspirational video is clear. Neuroplasticity, the brains ability rewire itself, has been proven.

"For a long time, it was believed that as we aged, the connections in the brain became fixed. Research has shown that in fact the brain never stops changing through learning. Plasticity IS the capacity of the brain to change with learning. Changes associated with learning occur mostly at the level of the connections between neurons. New connections can form and the internal structure of the existing synapses can change."

Being curious about life, exploring the world, engaging vigorously in life long passions, trying to develop new skills, all will help your parents preserve their memory and aging.

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Don't Let Your Parents Buy Into the Myth of Brain Aging

Brain aging is a trick. Nature sets your parents up for decline, but they have a choice. Brain fitness will allow them to strengthen new brain cells through cognitive reserve. Here's how.

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