Understanding the Alzheimers Brain - what comes next?

The alzheimers brain is one of the most frightening things families can imagine. You may fear for your parents, you may fear for yourself in the future. Watch this video, prepared by the National Institute on Aging (NIA), to understand what's happening in the actual structures and functions. Then you can learn what to do. 

Don't be put off by the scientific terms used at first. Watch this video a couple of times if you need to, it's only 4 minutes long. What you will learn is the process of how the brain communicates and how it can be destroyed.

You now have a better basis for communicating with doctors and medical professionals. You have a foundation for understanding why the radical changes happen within the alzheimers brain. Now learn how brain fitness can counteract the effects. And you have motivation for intervening in the process as early as possible with an alzheimers test.

Understanding the process and stages of alzheimers, you'll even develop patience and empathy to deal with the effects along the way.

You can even help children understand alzheimer symptoms.

Activities for dementia can make much more of a difference than you think. Human beings are actually human "do-ers". But what happens when a person with dementia is no longer able to independently initiate purposeful activities?

Learn about Activities for Dementia

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