Help your aging parents with the DTV transition to build a partnership for the future

The DTV transition is nearly here. But for many aging parents this will prove a major stumbling block. The New York Times reports that millions of people will face blank TV's during this process.

Install DTV Converter

Find Help for Converter Box Installation

Help can be provided in a variety of ways. There are groups being organized by various civic agencies that can be contacted to provide dtv converter box installation for senior citizens and people with disabilities. You can enter your parent's zip code to find out how to contact help in thier community. Of course, at this time, those installers are being overwhelmed, so make sure you schedule a time and warn your parents of the wait.

Remind Them to Rescan

Make sure that your parents RESCAN (auto-tune) or their channels after NOON on Friday, June 12 when the conversion will take place. Have the installer show them how to scan the stations so they can do it again when needed.

Your can find which of your parent's local stations will have new channel numbers after the transition.

DTV Conversion Not Universal

Even though this date is being referred to as the "transition date", it really is only true for some of the televisions stations. This date was required for only the high-power stations. What is not widely publicized is that the low power stations will actually remain on analog frequencies and will convert at a later date. A chart is provided so you can determine if your parent's station is one that will be converting now, or at a later date.

Check Their RV

If your parents have a television in their RV, more than likely it is analog. This is a great recommendation for a mobile converter and how to install and test it.

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