The Secret Link Between Senior Exercise, Brain Fitness and Memory: Neurogenesis

Neurogenesis reveals the lie that with an aging brain, memory is destined to fade. Good news for aging parents? Physical exercise can turn on the brain's ability to grow, heal and rewire itself.

Exercise Rebuilds the Brain

"One of the most exciting areas of exercise research is the investigation of cognitive function.

What scientists have learned so far is that brain neurons, the special cells that help you think, move, perform all the bodily functions that keep you alive, and even help your memory, all increase in number after just a few days or weeks of regular activity."

This is an amazing discovery. The former belief is that the human brain irreversibly declines with age, losing brain cells in the parts of the brain that control memory and thinking. But through research, scientists have observed that the decline can be reversed. With physical exercise -- new brain cells form.

"In other words, the fittest individuals had the most brain tissue."

seniors exercise for brain fitness So what does this mean for you and your aging parents? Again scientists have encouraging news:

"...researchers found that the fittest individuals had the highest scores on tasks like coordination, scheduling, planning, and memory."

But the news gets even better. "And in a recent study of 1,740 adults older than 65, researchers found that the incidence of dementia in individuals who walked three or more times per week was 35% lower than those individuals who walked less than three days per week."

Work Out An Exercise Plan

Exercise is important, but consistent, frequent exercise is even more important. Work with your parents to find senior exercises or physical activities that they enjoy. Then conspire with them about how to engage in those activities several times a week. For example, my own mother has a regular walking schedule. Instead of having the daily newspaper delivered, she walks to a local store to buy it.

Neurogenesis to Brain Fitness Section

Don't Let Your Parents Buy Into the Myth of Brain Aging

Brain aging is a trick. Nature sets your parents up for decline, but they have a choice. Brain fitness will allow them to strengthen new brain cells through cognitive reserve. Here's how.

Brain Plasticity or Neuroplasticity is a Key to Preserving Memory and Aging: Learn These Secrets to Opening the Lock

Brain plasticity is good news for aging and the brain. Your parent's brain fitness can improve by continued learning. Watch these experts share some clues.

Brain Foods: Help Your Parents Memory and Aging. Here's What They Need for Better Brain Fitness.

Brain foods are key. What you eat affects aging and the brain. Your aging parents' brains can get added protection from Alzheimer's Disease and other mental decline. Learn how to improve Brain Fitness by the changing what they eat.

Senior Exercise: Key for Aging Fitness, Brain Health, and Independence

Senior exercise is more than a good idea for your aging parents. Researchers continue to discover contributions even beyond general strength and health. Here you will find exercises especially designed for senior citizens: Warm up Exercises, Balance, Upper Body, Lower body, and Aerobic.

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