Ever Worry About Elder Care Information for the Future?

Why you'll never get what you really need
from your aging parents if you
miss the hurdles of
these important questions.

A friend recently showed me an article about elder care information in a popular magazine: "The 5 Hard Topics to Discuss with Your Aging Parents."  It's fairly typical of others that I've seen. Maybe you've seen them as well. The article is three pages long. Actually, two pages if you remove the graphics.

The problem is clear - there will be difficult things to talk about as your parents age. But the promise is deceptive.  If only you follow the directions on these three pages, they "will help give all of you some peace of mind."

You want to believe it. Take the plunge. Gather up these three pages, follow them to the letter, and then, the short, easy trip to get the lawyer to create the related documents. Push through. Yes! Done!

But you have this nagging suspicion that the journey with aging parents is going to be much more complicated than that.

So what's next?

It depends on where you are now. No… I'm not being evasive. It's true. The road each family must travel is going to be unique. The process, the challenges, the stumbling blocks for each person's saga of aging until the end, will be as unique as their life has been.
There is no "one size fits all" in spite of the simplicity that we all long for. But there is help. No need to be swamped, or lost in the maze of guessing every elder issue, or hoping that you will stumble onto the right questions and not miss something really important.

There are several markers of a successful journey to gather the elder care information you really need.  What do I mean by "success"?

  • Knowing what your parents need.
  • Knowing what your parents want.
  • Knowing how to access the proper resources. 
  • Knowing how to keep your parents safe, engaged, and well cared for until the end. 
  • Knowing how it will all be paid for.
  • Knowing how to keep your siblings or extended family constructively on board.
  • Knowing what to do and how to do it after the end.
  • Knowing that you have done your best and have no cause for regrets.

Despite the three-page-five-step exercise in the popular media, you know the truth. This is NOT going to be a cakewalk. But you can be prepared, well prepared, to encounter the realities of your parents' aging with confidence. You can learn to gather the provisions you'll need along the way.

You need three things to start:

  1. A clear Process to know what to talk about.
  2. A well-defined System to manage the information that you gather.
  3. The key to finding Help: to know where, when, and how.

Start Talking with Aging Parents Conversation Starter Kit

is the right step to get underway.

Here's what you get in this kit:

#1  Start Talking with Aging Parents: Questions for Beginning Heart to Heart Conversations About the Future

This immediately downloadable, 94 page ebook provides a guide to help you move forward to navigate the uncomfortable conversations with your aging parents today, and gather the essential elder care information so that you may have more assurance and peace of mind in the future.

#2               Start Talking with Aging Parents:                     Conversations Checklist

Over 30 pages to record the date conversations happen, pages for detailed notes, and a place to set a follow-up schedule.

#3  MP3 Recording:   

From the Ground Up: Where Do You Start? Part 1

I've recorded 10 building blocks to lay the groundwork for your conversations with your aging parents.

#4  MP3 Recording:   

From the Ground Up: Where Do You Start? Part 2

Recording of an additional 10 building blocks to make the foundation for your conversations with your aging parents more secure.

Start Talking with Aging Parents: Questions

Value $45.00

Start Talking with Aging Parents: Checklist

Value $37.00

From the Ground Up Audio 1

Value $19.00

From the Ground Up Audio 2

Value $19.00

Total Value      $120.00

TOTAL for the Conversation Starter Kit: Only $57.00

Even if you think you're not ready, it's time to begin. Start working through these issues for yourself, and sharing the information with your own children, or those who will stand up for your future.

You can use those talks as a basis for strengthening your preparations with your aging parents.

The Over the Hurdles Guarantee

If you find that these resources don't help you find your footing to start the talks to gather elder care information -- with anyone --  please email me within 90 days.

I'll want to know what you read, who you tried to talk to, and what else would have helped to get you over the hurdles. Than I'll gladly refund your money in full.

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Early Reviews

Your book has an amazing amount of helpful information and ideas. I think it's going to be really useful to people dealing with aging parents. I love what you're doing!

I'm now facing my mom's slow decline… It is incredibly stressful.

So … I get it.

Rabbi Bridget www.RabbiBridget.com

Author of the ebook,               Jewish Your Way

Dale Susan,

I lived with my 90 year old grandfather for 4 years. I wish I’d discovered this eBook earlier because I could imagine it would've been REALLY helpful to my family as we started the conversations about his transition into an aged care facility.

You’ve done a great job in your checklists at covering all the myriad little things that used to weigh heavily on my mind. Having these checklists would’ve saved us so much research and trial-and-error.

Your work is so important in helping people feel reassured and supported through a difficult transition.

I know this would be a VERY valuable resource for others.

Erin O'Brien
New South Wales, Australia

P.S. Your work is sooooo important, Dale. Just want you to know (again).