Seated Knee Extension: A Senior Fitness Exercise to Increase Your Parent's Aging Fitness

Aging fitness is an essential pursuit for your elderly parents. After they consult their own doctor, they may be interested in a senior fitness program or personal trainer.

The American Senior Fitness Association provides an Advanced Qualification or a certificate of completion in three areas of study:

  • Senior Fitness Instructor

  • Senior Personal Trainer

  • Long Term Care Fitness Instructor

    The exercise below is an example that can be used by your parents now as a general warm up to more extensive senior exercises.

    When a trainer carries an SFA Certification they have extensive training that enables them to:

  • Select appropriate warmups, aerobic conditioning, musculoskeletal strengthening, flexibility work, relaxation activities, and post-aerobic as well as general cooldowns.

  • Assist older clients in developing personal exercise plans.

  • Provide senior-specific nutritional information.

  • Plan a broad variety of safe and effective older adult conditioning regimens.

  • Adapt group and individual exercise activities to safely, productively accommodate a variety of age-predictable health concerns.

  • Exercise modifications in connection with commonly used prescription drugs.

  • Design safe older adult fitness programs excluding techniques and training methods that would cause injury to joints, fractures and any other exercise induced by elderly exercise

  • Provide accurate information regarding age-related health risk factors.

  • Handle emergencies effectively.

    Finally, they are trained to provide effective fitness programming specifically designed to help your parents senior health and fitnes: musculo-skeletal health, personal independence, energy levels, self-esteem, emotional well being, and motivation to stick with an exercise lifestyle.

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